OSAZODUWA OSASIEME AGBONENI, B.Eng, M.Eng, TechWomen Fellow, EngineeringX Awardee

Executive Director, Nenis Foundation | Founder, Nenis Auto Care | Postgraduate Student, Automotive Engineering with Electric Vehicles, Oxford Brookes University | Renewable E-Fuels Researcher

An ardent advocate for driving change within the automotive industry, Oduwa Agboneni unites her vast engineering expertise and deep passion for empowering others. Currently, she is enhancing her know-how by studying for a postgraduate degree in Automotive Engineering with Electric Vehicles at Oxford Brookes University, UK. Simultaneously, she is conducting pivotal research in renewable e-fuels, adding a crucial dimension to her profile that intertwines with the energy sector.

 Oduwa’s present research focus is on “A Comprehensive Analysis of E-Fuel Options for the Transport Sector”. This work involves an exhaustive desktop research and review of available and prospective e-fuel options produced using renewable energy. The study includes e-methane, e-methanol, e-kerosene,

and e-ammonia, comparing their advantages, drawbacks, limitations, and quantifiable lifecycle environmental impacts. This research not only adds to her expertise in automotive engineering but also directly aligns with the needs of the energy sector, considering the significant role of renewable energy and e-fuels in the decarbonization of transport.

In 2015, Oduwa established Nenis Auto Care, a premier car care company in Lagos, Nigeria, dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. At the same time, she serves as the Executive Director of Nenis Foundation, a non-profit devoted to transforming the lives of girls, women, and youths through entrepreneurship, technical, and vocational education training.

 Widely recognized for her significant contributions to the automotive and engineering sectors, Oduwa has led the establishment of the Vehicle Diagnostics and Prognostics Centre at the University of Lagos and implemented comprehensive vehicle inspection assessments for Uber Nigeria. Her diverse initiatives, such as the Safe Automotive Works, Girls Auto Squad, Forging Africa’s Future Mechanical Engineers, and the Innovation Challenge Project, reflect her unwavering commitment to inclusivity, sustainability, and innovation.

 As a 2022/2023 Safer End of Engineered Life Champion and 2022/2023 EngineeringX awardee, Oduwa has been honored with numerous fellowships and awards, including TechWomen, Rise Up, Social and Inclusive Business, and the Hilary Clinton Vital Voices Global Partnership.

 Her credentials encompass a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Benin, an MEng in Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineering from the University of Lagos, a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management from PAN-Atlantic University, and Women Entrepreneurship studies with Cornell University.

 Oduwa is an active participant in various professional associations, including the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Women’s Engineering Society, Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers, Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, and the Nigeria Society of Engineers, among others. She is known for her outreach and mentorship activities, leading initiatives promoting STEM among girls and women, advocating safe automotive practices, and fostering sustainable habits.

 A devoted Christian and a proud native of Edo State, Oduwa is happily married to Ernest Agboneni, and they are blessed with four sons. She envisions an engineering sector with equal representation of skilled men and women, leading to a broad spectrum of ideas and superior solutions.

 Follow Oduwa Agboneni on her journey as she continues to shape a better world, drive sustainable mobility solutions, inspire the next generation of engineers, and contribute towards a greener energy sector. “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford.




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